A little about me

Hi.  I’m Jessica.  Since you’re on this page you must be a bit curious about who I am and what this blog is about.  In blog years this space is really old.  I have posts dating back to 2004.  I love that I have this repository, however incomplete, of the fleeting days of my life.  It’s totally personal and the content is dictated by whatever it is I am passionate about at the time.  Sometimes that’s knitting or printmaking or sewing pattern design.  Lately it’s been yoga.

I’m married to a super-hero-military-man-cyclist-extrodinaire-fantastic-dad and together we homeschool our 6 children.  I often look at all of them and wonder who their mother is and when she’s coming home.  Then I realize that it is ME in charge of all this craziness and feel equal parts terrified and indescribably happy.  I love being a mom and am so filled with gratitude for all the choices and circumstances that have enabled me to stay home and learn with my kids.

I hope you enjoy your time here and find some inspiration and fun!

E-mail me at jessica(at)seedpodcraft(dot)com