Weaving at Sunset

The kids helped me weave the backyard into a tapestry last night. I LOVE SPRING!!!!!!






So, you want to know how I did it? Well, we found some sticks about the same length, then tied each end together with a 12 inch (or so) piece of string. After that we found a branch to hang it from, tied one end of a long piece of string to one end of the top stick, tossed the string over the branch, then tied it to the other end of the top stick. While it hung I wound string from top stick to bottom stick, over and over, with each wrap being about 3/4 inch from the one before. After our little loom was all warped we collected daffodil leaves, old tulip petals, pods from our locust tress, straw, sticks, etc. etc. etc. and started weaving things through the strings. Everything was loose and swingy, so we needed to weight the bottom down a bit. That’s when we added the rocks hanging from the bottom and they stabilized things quite nicely. We spent the evening weaving things in and out of the strings and it looked so beautiful in the evening light.

9 thoughts on “Weaving at Sunset

  1. fantastic, I love it ! I need more info ! What materials did you use? It looks like the green weft is some sort of leaf. What are the brown ones? is that bark of some sort? and the red things that look like birds – are those flowers?

  2. You never cease to amaze me Jessica! What lucky children you have to have you as their Mom!


  3. love this weaving.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I want to “steal” your idea and try this in my own backyard.
    love. love. love. love. love this idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

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