I can’t even say in words how thankful I am for spring weather. We had a teaser at the end of March, then (much like most everyone else in the US) we went back to winter. Snow for Easter?! I’ve been desperate for the sun to come out.

Now, check out this set-up:


I’ve been brainstorming how I might go on bike rides with 4 kids. I decided that if I had a seat on the back of my bike for Logan, then I could put the car seat in the trailer for Ian. Then I could take advantage Jonah’s newly acquired training-wheel-less riding skills, put Brenna on her bike, and we could cruise the neighborhood together. Even better, we could get a trailer hitch bike rack for the back of the van and I could take the kids to explore the bike paths around town. I was even eyeing the perfect mom bike, figuring out how many journals and prints I’d need to sell in order to get it.

Well, Barry decided my bike dreams were far too worthwhile to go on being dreams. He got the bike rack and the perfect seat for Logan and we set them up on my old mountain bike. That was all well and good– but my mother-of-four bottom parts were not so happy with the seat situation there. I was beyond excited when we stopped at the bike store to test drive Electra Townies and Barry had in mind more than just a test drive. Now this pink-pearl girlie beauty is all mine. I’ll sell prints and journals one of these days so I can deck it out with fenders and a basket :)

I’m not going to post pictures of me actually riding the mom-mobile because it would completely destroy the romantic picture I have in my head of how cool I look riding it. Just imagine me with a stylish gray helmet, cool shades, long flowing hair, very cute shoes, and just as cute legs to push those pedals with.

6 thoughts on “liberation!!

  1. That is hilarious!!! When I first saw the picture, I thought… I don’t remember Jess having a bike like that! WAY CUTE!!! WAY COOL!!! You are so spoiled and so cute. Tell Barry I love him. So now you are June Clever as well as our “granola girl.” :-)
    Love, MOM

  2. What a fun idea! I’ve never seen a bike for that many people! Isn’t the weather GORGEOUS?? I’m finding all sorts of reasons/excuses to be outdoors…

  3. Well I will be first in line when you have some more journals to sell. Let me know. I have a book journal which will be all used up soon!

  4. awww. :)


  5. oops! that didn’t work, hehe. (trying to link to inexpensive and adorable bicycle baskets on ebay) i think you would look just adorable in this scene. :)

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