Halloween wrap up

I don’t know how to do things in a timely manner. Or, should I say that in a more positive way? I take my time with things. Anyway, a week later I am finally posting better Halloween pictures.

Here’s Brenna sewing the face on her cat.

sewing kitty
Here’s the finished product :)

Brenna's pointy kitty
Mr Ground, himself:

jonah was dirt
bug on a stick
And here’s the rainbow bat:

logan bat

6 thoughts on “Halloween wrap up

  1. When I read your blog I always think what lucky kids yours are to have YOU for a mom.

  2. I love it! :) Jonah’s hair is so green!!! That is really cool! :) You are such an awesome Mom!!

  3. Mister Ground is the best Halloween costume I’ve ever seen! Simple but oh so awesome!!
    Cheers to Mister Ground!
    BTW, his idea or yours?

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