Is it really possible?

One year ago I was snuggled up in a hospital bed exhilarated and exhausted. Ian was born, all round and red with a head full of dark, dark hair. And he was just so beautiful– the perfect little features, his button nose and rose petal mouth. Oh, and that fresh baby smell, and the feel of baby breath against my cheek, rubbing my nose and chin in his soft hair. Could that really have been a whole year ago?

One year old?!?!sorry about the wrapping papera new toy

We started the day out in new jammies, opening presents. I had planned to include a haircut into the festivities of the day, but that didn’t happen.

I did make a cake, though. I tried to be all prepared and on top of things by making cupcakes last night– cupcakes of the healthy variety. While I did fill them full of things like honey, whole wheat flour, carrots and zested lemon, I forgot the baking soda. Oops. Results– not chewable by a baby.

So, I tried again

that is way cool!

and he was impressed. For a little while.

let me seeget it off!really, I'm not a fan

Until he tasted it. Logan said, “Mama, can I not have carrot cake for my birthday?”

Sorry, I promise there will be chocolate next year.

And lots of ice cream.


10 thoughts on “Is it really possible?

  1. We totally used Christmas paper for Nathan’s present on Sunday. I kept thinking, What if the kids remember that Santa used that paper? Luckily it never came up. And what’s the point of wasting good paper? Happy Birthday Ian!

  2. Happy birthday Ian! Gah, I can’t believe the babies from the Great Baby Avalanche of 2007 are already starting to have their first birthdays.

    Logan, I’m with you on the carrot cake. I’m sure your mom’s is superb in the carrot cake world, but you and I will stick with non-vegetable-based treats.

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