math day

So, I’m not doing very good at posting every day.  And here’s another schoolish post, because, well, that’s what I do lately.

math day

Jonah figured out that he is exactly 2510 days old today.  I made my Montessori math bead materials last summer.  Traditionally they’re the “Golden Beads” but we opted for ruby.  After I made the thousand cube (Can you see Logan holding it?) I was pretty much burnt out on stringing beads on wires, but we still needed more 10s, 100s, and 1000s to really do all the math we wanted, so I made some beads I could print out.  If you’d like to print them yourselves, here they are in a PDF:

Math Bead Materials

They’re totally no frills.  You’ll have to figure out your own little fold-over tabs to hook the sides of your cubes together, but they do the job and get A LOT of use around here.  To make your 100s, just cut the squares apart, obviously.  The last page is 10s, in case you couldn’t tell.  If you’re really going to use these and need some units, leave a comment and I’ll make a page of those too.  I’m really just posting this on here to have something to post!!

I’m still hoping to get to some thing-making soon– like this weekend.  My batteries need some recharging and I’m realizing (once again) that my sanity and ability to cope directly corelates to the amount of creating I do.  What keeps you sane?

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  1. Wow–that does take patience! After all your zig and zagging stringing beads should be cake! 😉 When I get burnt out I play a challenging piece of music on the piano. It’s amazing how focusing on getting it right takes me into a different area of thinking. Whatever was on my mind no longer seems to matter and I can start fresh once I’ve finished tinkering on the piano. I just love music! 😉

  2. My Favorite Montessori Math Material |

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