What I’ve been dreaming of…

fabric printing

Sometimes I get obsessed with a project and get it out in whirlwind fashion.  Actually, I think that’s how most things I make get done because with me it’s all or nothin’.  Once in a while, though, the idea has to germinate and get made in my head over and over and over again.  That’s how it’s been with printing fabric.  It was almost three years ago that I found an article in Better Homes and Gardens (while sitting in the orthodontist waiting room, I am SO glad I’m done with the whole braces thing) about Galbraith & Paul.  That’s when I knew that I absolutely needed to make block printed fabric of my own. I’ve been studying fabric designs I love, figuring out how to make design repeats, trying ideas with my gocco on paper, dreaming up the best ways to register prints next to each other.  It’s been a long process.  Lots of dreaming, sketching, and graph paper.

rolling it on

The best method of registration really had me stumped.  I tried an elaborate set up when I gocco printed my first repeat pattern on paper for journal covers.  Then I found Lena Corwin’s Printing by Hand this summer and she just says to draw the registration lines right on your fabric.  DUH!  So, that’s what I did with these linen curtains destined to be hung up between the front room and my art/ sewing room mess.  That way people will have something pretty to look at when they come to the front door and not just piles of paper and fabric and stuffed animals with holes in them.

working on curtains

I’ve got two panels to do.  I’m printing this design in brown first– which I’m 3/4 of the way done doing– and then I want to do an aqua-ish color in between the browns.  Who knows when I’ll get that done, but I know that I’ll love them!

block carving

But, before I could finish big fabric printing project #1, I had to get #2 underway.  This is the block to print the fabric for Brenna’s (after) Easter dress.  This I’m really excited to get to.  I will try to make myself finish the curtains first, though.

(photos by Barry)

8 thoughts on “What I’ve been dreaming of…

  1. i love lena’s book! have you seen lotta jansdotter’s? i could collect them all…

    you have done some *gorgeous* work here!!! we did some printing (on paper) this winter and all i could think of was finding a cheap substitute for those expensive lino blocks from the art supply store. ;^)


  2. I would SO, SO love to learn how to do that.
    It gives me the feeling that quilting did 10 years ago. Looks so hard that it seems beyond possible to do it.

  3. PS, did you have to come up with the design on your own, or do you copy it from somewhere. That would be my biggest downfall…I can’t draw worth squat.

  4. Oh wow, that is incredible! Will the lines drawn on the curtains wash out or are they just covered with paint? Knowing me, I’d do an entire curtain panel perfectly and then smudge it on the very last row or something.

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