one more quilt

This was Wednesday night:


Free-motion spiraling away.  I decided to take a stab at free motion quilting the pattern I did on this quilt  using a long arm quilting machine.  I broke my thread quite a bit at first, but once I got in my groove it went really quickly.  I think I got this one quilted in less time than the one I made last week.  I like how it turned out better.  April’s got her signature quilting pattern.  Maybe this one is mine.


The back of this one is a fun Amy Butler flannel.  The front–some Kona cotton and a few fun prints.

photo helpers

up close

up close

I can’t think of a cute way to end this post.  Maybe you can.  I need to go tend to the screaming baby and the hoodlums pounding on the piano.

3 thoughts on “one more quilt

  1. This quilt is my favorite of the two. I really like the symmetry in the stipes you pieced. The flannel back is also way cute!

  2. Love it. Love the colors. The swirls are great too. Good job :-) I like them both of course. Quilts, quilts, quilts, I love quilts! Can’t waite for Christmas morning at your house… hee hee hee. Love you xoxoxoxo

  3. Wow…amazing!!!! How does someone like myself learn how to do an amazing quilt like that?

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