Okay, the SweetPod pattern isn’t quite ready.  I guess since I had set the goal of having it ready to sell by the end of this week the universe aligned against me.  We had a wonderful trip to Idaho for Thanksgiving full of food and fun and aunts and uncles and cousins, but we came home with 2 sick babies.  Sick croupy babies= not much sleep or time during the day when I’m not holding someone.

But I will steer you to Raelyn’s blog where she shows off her SweetPod.  It looks perfect!!  Woohoo!

I’m hoping to have it finished soon so I can wrap my brain around things like Christmas.

That said– can I show you what I accomplished while sitting in the car for about 28 hours last week?

new sweater

My very first big person sized sweater!   I saw Amanda’s sweater a few weeks ago and instantly thought, “That is the sweater I would knit for myself– if I could somehow find the time.”  It’s the Shalom Cardigan by Meghan at Involving the Senses.

new sweater

When the reality of the length of our Thanksgiving road trip sank in I sneaked in a trip to the yarn store.  I bought some Cascade Ecological wool, which was pretty and super inexpensive.  I tried to find something with a lower itch factor for the same price, but to no avail.  Now I’m kinda wishing I had splurged for some Spud and Chloe outer, which I think my extremely wool sensitive self could handle.  Even with a turlte neck on I’m pretty itchy.

yoke and buttons

It went really quickly.  We drove from Denver to Boise in one day.  I cast on as soon as the sun came up and by the time we were there I was done with the yoke and a few rows of the body.  I knit a row here and there while we were there and then finished the rest on the drive home.  I love that it is all one piece– no seaming required.

Maybe next time we make that drive I’ll make myself a non-itchy one with sleeves.  And one more button.

the back

Still, I totally love it.

9 thoughts on “well…

  1. I don’t think I could handle the wool either—but it is very pretty—way to go you crafty thing!

  2. Totally cute! I learned to knit last year but I’m still doing scarves and dish cloths!

  3. That’s very pretty! :) I’ve only knit the February Ladies sweater for myself. For some very nice non itchy wool, try the Gaia Organic Merino. It pills fairly easily but it’s super super soft! I’m fairly sensitive as well. 😉

  4. This is super cute! You’ve inspired me to give this one a try.

    Out of curiosity, will you be posting the podcasts of the last few Summer Mom School discussions? I really enjoyed the first two! Thanks!

  5. that boise to denver drive is SO long! we couldn’t do it in one day, bravo to you! looking forward to trying out the sweet pod!

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