Thanks to all of you who have bought SweetPod patterns!  I can’t wait to see your creations!!

Our computer is still down for the count. Barry performed major surgery, positive that he knew the fix, but it’s still dead. Totally dead. If you’re reading this– BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!!!

I have lots of fun stuff to share. Brenna and I made a skirt. Barry and I went on an over night ski trip. (I have not skied for over 10 years and it was fun! I love skiing!!) My baby turned 1 yesterday. There was a candle, and cake eating, and the hat! (I had to do something at night while Barry was gone and on that drive up to the mountains.) It’s just not quite as fun to write about without pictures and my 20 inch screen.

Say a prayer for our computer.

I thought Macs were supposed to be bullet proof ;(

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  1. And this is why I love time machine. Saved our bacon when the engineer forgot to switch voltages. I hope your computer woes are solved soon!

  2. Jessica,

    So, I have a Mac and do not have an external hard drive. I want to buy one this week…any suggestions on what brand, specs, anything?

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