an impromptu camping trip

Thursday evening I told Barry I wish we had planned a camping trip for the long weekend.

Friday morning I was packing the cooler and Barry was loading bikes onto and into the back of the van.  The whirlwind of packing, helping Brenna figure out how she could go from a state of no clean underwear to a state of clean underwear, last minute grocery shopping, and all that must be done to get a family of 7 reading for a camp out made us question our sanity, but once we got there it was all worth it.


Our lungs and spirits and entire bodies were filled with a breath of fresh air.

just barely not snow

in the creek

they don't mind the cold

Our feet were refreshed (or nearly frozen, depending on how you look at it).

pulling and following

my first mountain bike ride in 7 years or something like that

Our mountain bikes are dusty.

I even went on a real mountain bike ride– my first since we lived in Albuquerque nearly 7 years ago.  It felt so good.  I’ve come to the point in my life that there is no shame in walking the steep climbs with too many roots and rocks.  I’ve decided that is the perfect place to be.  I ride my bike to feel my body move and watch the birds– not to prove I’m a cool, tough girl.


cooking breakfast

watching the fire

Our tummies were filled.  Our toes were warmed.

bow and arrow

carving concentration

Our collection of random pieces of wood has grown.

dirty baby hands

pleasing fungus beetle

Discoveries were made. (Like Logan’s friend the Pleasing Fungus Beetle.)

It was just what we needed.

white, blue, green


6 thoughts on “an impromptu camping trip

  1. How lovely! I’m really looking forward to the couple of camping trips we’ve got planned for this year.

  2. I miss breastfeeding outdoors: my guy is 20 months old and weaned himself a couple of months ago. Such good memories… :)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the stories!

  3. I wasn’t trying to make an anonymous comment….your trip does look like so much fun. Don’t know why my name didn’t appear!

  4. I was on a road trip with my boss this week doing town hall meetings. We did one in Mtn. Home, Ketchum and Salmon which is north of Challis, which is north of Stanley. I already love Stanley at the base of the Sawtooths, many happy backpacking memories there. I expected Salmon to be like Challis for some reason, which is kind of a wide desert valley at the foot of the White Clouds. But no, it is SO MUCH better. I LOVE Salmon, Idaho. It is a beautiful, fairly big town, in a gorgeous narrower mountain valley. Our hotel was on the river and there was a nice walking park nearby. Oh, I loved it. Lots and lots of birds including a big blue heron skimming the water just in front of me when I went for my first walk that evening after our meeting. Anyway I’m glad we both got our fill of fresh mountain air and the sound of rushing waters.

    Love the pictures!! Agree with Marilyn, love that last picture of Brenna. Can’t wait to go to New Meadows next month!!!

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