stop animation made by kids is awesome!

stop animation studio

Here are the kids at work at their new favorite pastime– making stop animation videos.  Last Sunday Barry downloaded a trial version of boinx iStopMotion onto the old lap top, gave the kids a few instructions, and they’ve been at it all week.  They started with paper cut outs, then moved on to animating their toys.  I can’t even tell you how amazing it is to watch their creations.  I am so surprised by how fun and creative their little movies are– all without any adult help or input.  Today Barry sat down with them and used iMovie to add sound to one of Brenna’s favorites.  Here it is, I hope it makes you think my kids are as cool as I think they are!

9 thoughts on “stop animation made by kids is awesome!

  1. Oh, oh, oh. Downloading NOW. My kids are going to LOVE this!!! Awesome video! They’ve all watched it forty times.

  2. Outstanding. John has wanted to do this for about a year with his lego creaations but I’m clueless about this type of technology. He loved the video!

  3. My kids have been dying to try this. May have to download this when we get set up in the states. Great Job Brenna.

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