our autumn visitor

not sure what to think

Remember when a box turtle showed up on our family room floor last summer?   Well, another one came to visit.

autumn visitor

This time a realtor who was pounding a sign into a neighboring yard rang our door bell and said, “I think your pet turtle is trying to cross the street.”  Well, we don’t have a pet turtle, but we went out to see, and sure enough a turtle was making his way out of our yard and across the street.

they just find us

This time we found a male ornate box turtle because he has bright orange eyes and red scales on his front legs.  Again we kept him inside for a day to watch him eat slugs and crawl around our floor, and then let him go to hibernate in peace.  (The slugs were caught outside by the kids, not found while crawling around on our floor just in case you were wondering.) This time we put him right back where he (probably) came from– our back yard.  He went under a big spruce tree and dug himself a hole.

can i play with it?

Ellie was beside herself.  She just didn’t know what to do or think.  She really, really wanted to pick up that shell and run away with it, but used all of her will power to mind her manners.

he lives in our yard Hopefully we see you next year, Sheldon!

(turtle photos by Barry)

5 thoughts on “our autumn visitor

  1. He was so fun to see in real life. I’m glad we happened to drop by that day :) I think all these animals are just drawn to you. They know you’ll do your best to take care of them.

  2. Again, love the pictures of Ellie and the turtle. Your description of how she was trying to control herself is perfect. That is really a pretty turtle. Way cool.

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