bunny by Brenna

Just a quick post today.  I thought I’d show you the cute little bunny Brenna made for a friend’s birthday.

bunny by brenna

She made the pattern and did most of the work.  I helped with sewing some of the tight curves and turning those skinny feet right side out.

perfectly cute little tail

And check out the cute little tail!  News is that he is much loved in his new home.

2 thoughts on “bunny by Brenna

  1. SWEET! I MUST show this to my sons- and hope they’ll feel inspired…
    I adore creative children and try really hard to bring creativity closer to my children, which is not so easy, I found out… they prefer playing games (like chess and so) or runnning around wildly (okay, they’re boys…)… but when inspiration strikes them, I stand there and smile watching them unfold great indeas…
    thanks for sharing that little bunny, i like him so much!
    PS. I plan to give your birdie a try; it’s so cute!

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