Barry surprised me with a new phone on Monday.  The one had was from 2003– but his is the one that really needs replacing.  We got it when we lived in Albuquerque– so 2001 probably?  It has a greenish screen with pixelated gray text.  He had to hold the battery on with tape for a while until he found its discarded twin in a box of junk and switched batteries with it.

Anyway, as I was saying, I got a new phone.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s an iPhone 4.  It can do everything but fold laundry.  If you find the app for that make sure you let me know.

Hipsta Hunter

I’m having fun with the Hipstamatic.  Changing lenses and flashes and film with a flick of my finger is so fun.  I’ve never been much into technology and games (except for tetris while I was supposed to be writing papers in college), but I have to say this gadget is pretty cool.  I mean, it reminds me when it’s time to take kids to karate– my hand written paper planners could never do that for me, so even things that were written down in multiple places would get forgotten.

And my kids can’t keep their hands off of it.  I told them I will not put kid tempting games on it because it needs to be a PHONE– but maybe I could find a good knitting app

5 thoughts on “hipsta

  1. Just don’t get Angry Birds. You’ll never see your phone again, which will be annoying because then you won’t get to play Angry Birds when YOU want to. 😉

  2. Becca loved to see her lil cousin and his smile.. she put the picture of her holding Hunter on her mp3 player.. and shows everyone she sees.. even got snuck into church once.. sneaky kid!

  3. That effect looks kinda like the ones they do on the temple pictures at deseret book—how cool! I’ve also just discovered the calendar/listy feature on my phone and it has changed my life! 😉

  4. I find it amazing how phone cameras can better specs and quality than some of the camera you see on the market. Happy snappying I can see you have plenty of inspiratinal fodder to keep you busy.

  5. You may want to try the following Apps:

    Knitting Daily, Touch & Go Knitting, Lion Brand, KnitMinder, Ravelry


    Angry Birds

    iBooks – and then you can download free ebooks that are audible too, for your younger ones.

    I am inspired by your knitting comments. They seem to bring me back to centre and remind me of my need to simplify and to feel and to be.

    My son has helped me with my phone and tells me about all the best apps to get. This phone is amazing. Enjoy it. It provides productivity, organization, and entertainment when ever the mood strikes or a need for assistances to almost anything arrises.

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