triangles, elephants, and bicylces

I hosted a baby shower this weekend and in typical fashion did not take a single photo of my clean house, my mini cheesecakes and homemade braided challah bread, or the cute flower arrangements scattered about– but I did snap a few of the quilt I made before it wasn’t mine any more.

triangle baby quilt

It’s a fun little quilt.  If you’re interested, here’s how I made it:

I bought 6 quarter yard cuts (not fat quarters, but 9″ x 44″ pieces).  I cut each of those into two  4 1/2″ x 44″ strips.  Then I used the 60 degree mark on my ruler to cut one of each of those strips into a bunch of equilateral triangles.  I pieced the triangles into 5 strips.  I cut 4 of the remaining 4 1/2″ strips to be 39″ long with 60 degree angles at each end, figured out what order I wanted all the stripes to be in, and sewed them together.  I ended up with a fun zig-zaggy edge and used the last two 4 1/2″ strips of fabric I had left to make binding out of.  The back took about a yard of fabric.

Easy peasy, right?  The trick is getting the hang of overlapping the corners of your triangles right so that when you press them flat they line up.  I should take a picture of how to do that sometime, because as I’m searching the internet I’m not finding anything helpful to link to.

ziggy edge

zig zaggy binding

It was a great excuse to venture over to the new Fancy Tiger location.  I wish it didn’t take me so long to drive over there.

Then again, it’s probably a good thing it’s not too close.

6 thoughts on “triangles, elephants, and bicylces

  1. Ok, I keep coming back to look at this quilt again and again. What is fabric line for those elephants. I need to get a bit of yardage for my little guy.

  2. April, I’m a different Jessica, but I think I can answer. Anyway, I think those are a Japanese print (I have some in green) and if you search for elephant fabric on Etsy you’ll find ’em. :)

    (Cuteness Jess!)

  3. April-
    The elephants are from a line called Mod Basics and the bikes are from the line called Commute both by a new little fabric company called Birch Fabrics. I bought them locally here at the Fancy Tiger, but I bet you can find them somewhere online.

  4. I haven’t seen such an adorable quilt in a long time! Seeing your quilts makes me want to learn how to quilt…although maybe I had better learn to sew first! :)

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