diamond baby quilt

diamond quilt

I pieced diamonds!  I made this little quilt for a friend’s new baby girl.  I found all the fabrics for the top in my stash, then designed from there.  I had a lot of fun doing something new and love how it turned out.

baby quilt back

I had to buy fabric for the back and binding, though, so I tried a new quilt store.  Snappy Quilts was full to the brim with my favorite designs, and I came out with some Joel Dewberry fabrics that went with my top perfectly.  It was expensive, though.  It seemed all of their fabric was closer to $12/ yard than the $9 or $10 I’m used to.

up close

Of course, I quilted it in swirls.

Anyone have some tips on photographing quilts?  I’d love some advice because I’m just not thrilled about my quilt photos lately…

3 thoughts on “diamond baby quilt

  1. LOVE IT!!!! And hooray for a fun new fabric store–I’m still looking for a Fancy-tigerish one here. I could see this store being a stop on the way to Denver Fabrics (another store that I haven’t found a good replacement for). That would be a dangerous day for my budget, but oh so fun for me!

  2. Wow you have been quite the quilter lately. Love the diamonds. I quilted my big chicken/circle quilt Saturday and bound it last night. If it is not raining tonight I will take a picture. Can’t wait for you to see it in person though. It turned out way cool. Thanks for helping with the funding for it :-)
    Love, MOM

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