the rainbow wheel

rainbow wheel

When we put up all of my new school room shelves I decided I needed rainbow quilts in the wall space above the desks since my books are arranged in color order.  What I had in mind for one side was this quilt from Purl.  I drew up a pattern to fit my wall and raided my scrap bin.  My mom also sent me a box of her scraps and I bought a few more.


This is my first time piecing curves, so it’s far from perfect.  My seam allowances on my rainbow ended up a smudge less than 1/4″, so my top came out a bit ripply.  I could have ripped it apart and started over, I guess, but I’m more into getting things done  than I am into perfection.  I just made good use of my iron and quilted concentric circles to remedy the waviness.

rainbow wheel

I like it on my wall.  It is bright and cheery.

rainbow quilt in the school room

Who knows when I’ll get to making something to hang above the other desk…

5 thoughts on “the rainbow wheel

  1. Your quilted color wheel is emblematic of the art you bring to your family. How about a quilted periodic table above the other desk? Every element has a color… And squares are easier than curves.

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