Well, I’m operating under the assumption that things are better late than never.  I’m behind here.  It is so hard to be consistent when life is just the opposite.  But, I’m showing up today and am determined to tell you that my beautiful girl turned 12.

Twelve seems so old, which means I must be old if I am the mother of a twelve year old.

blowing out a candle

a card from Logan

jewelry from grandma

a treasure from Hunter

We celebrated with cupcakes, sweet brother-made cards, and new earrings for her freshly pierced ears (among other things).

A couple of days later we had some of her friends over for dinner, a movie, and making.  Do you remember my days of jewelry making?  We decided that would make a super cool birthday party for a bunch of twelve year old girls.

precious metal clay by 12 year olds

They each made a pendant with precious metal clay.  (I have this kit.)  Over the course of the night we fired and finished them.  I was way too involved in helping them for the thought of taking photos of the process to even cross my mind.  It was fun, and went pretty smoothly.  It would have been a trillion times easier (and there probably would have been photos) if I didn’t have a baby on my hip.


such fun

I sure love this big girl of mine.

Happy Birthday Brenna!!

3 thoughts on “TWELVE!!

  1. Darling , Darling Brenna! Mother of a 12 year old – Wow we much be old. What a great Mom you are – those necklaces are amazing!

  2. 12 years old?? How can that be? She is growing up and so beautiful. What a fun way to celebrate her big day. :)

  3. Yes later is better than never. I hadn’t heard about the ear piercing. That was a fun thing for a twelve year b-day. :-)

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