and life goes on

Robert Arthur Croker as a little boy

Who does that little boy up there look like?

There is a little bit of him I see in all of my boys, but more than anyone my Ian is the spitting image of his Grandpa Croker– complete with the dress up hat and gun.  Barry’s dad passed away today and he was able to be there at his side along with his mom and sister.  All night and all morning he said  it was so much like waiting for a baby to be born (we have quite a bit of experience with that).  The inevitable is going to happen soon, but you have to be patient and let nature take its course.  Like a birth– to another phase in God’s eternal plan.

I’m here on the other side of the country with a yard full of boys in swim suits running around with water guns.  They are so alive.

I like to think that little boy up there is out there playing with them.

6 thoughts on “and life goes on

  1. Oh, so sorry. I’m so not ready for any of my lovely grandparents to decide to move into the next life.

    I wanted to add that your grandaddy’s mama reminds me a lot of you.

  2. Yes, Ian. Before I read on that was what I was thinking. Love it :-)

    I’ve been wondering how things were going. So sad and yet a relief in ways. I’m glad Barry was able to be there. It is just such a hard hard thing. I’ve been praying for all of them and will continue to.

    My experience is that it doesn’t really get better with time, it kind of gets worse because you just miss them more and more because they are gone so long.

    Call me today.

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