today outside

found a baby bird

It is baby bird season.  Ellie is going crazy with all of the baby grackles in our back yard.  She tries to catch them constantly, but as far as we know has only succeeded once and we intervened by putting into a neighbor’s fenced back yard with no dogs.  Those grackles, though, make the most hideous noise and we’ve got nests of them near every upstairs window it seems.  Brenna found a baby house finch (I think) on the sidewalk, making its way to the road.  She snuggled it for a while, then put it in a bush.

sunshine girl

Eva is just cute. (I got her bonnet from UB2.)

happy broccoli

Here is my attempt at gardening this year.  For the first time I started some seeds inside in March? February?  Well, ages ago. My 2 broccoli plants got a little leggy, but were generally happy and are doing great out in my little 4×4 square foot garden.  I started a couple of pepper plants as well as a bunch of tomatoes them too.  My peppers are ok, but only 4 of my 8 tomatoes made it outside.  They looked fine one day, and then half of their leaves were brown and wilted the next.  It sounds like Jessica had the same problems on a much grander scale.  I’m not really trying to feed my family with this garden.  Well, maybe for one meal.

ready radishes

We’ve got radishes!  I really wanted a salad garden, but I used old lettuce seeds that apparently aren’t any good.  I planted 3 squares of 4 plants each.  I’ve got ONE lettuce growing.   Hmmm…

I figure we’ve got to make some effort to grow some food every year.  It’s good fun, but I’m sure thankful for Costco and Sunflower.

2 thoughts on “today outside

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  2. Eva’s cute smile! :-)
    Your garden looks great. My herbs are going crazy, should cook more so I can actually use them.

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