So, we had a little campout this weekend.  Barry raced the Bailey Hundo, which is a hundred mile MOUNTAIN bike race in the Colorado mountains.  We set up our camper near the finish area Friday night, ate some tacos, played some Blink!, and went to bed.  As far as camping sleeping goes, it wasn’t bad.  Barry and I made our bed like a bed instead of using sleeping bags– sheets and a down comforter.  It was super comfy except for the little girl who decided she needed to snuggle in it too and nurse all night long.  Eva and I slept pretty well once Barry got up a little after 4 to get ready for his 6:00 start.

barry at the hundo

(photo by a photographer camped out on the side of the trail.)

He did awesome!  We loaded up in the van to drive to the half way point and cheer him on.  I missed my a turn, so we ended up getting to see him cross the highway after I realized my mistake and we turned around.  He gave us a beauty queen wave as we passed.  I was worried that we’d miss him at the aid station, but when we got there only 6 pros had come through.  We took our time getting our chairs and camera out of the van.  I was loading my arms up in the back of the van a second time when I glanced over to the food and water bottle table and thought, “That guy looks like Barry, but he wouldn’t be here yet.”  Then I noticed his yellow shoes and screamed and ran over.  He hugged and kissed all of us, but I didn’t get a single picture.  He was too far ahead of schedule.

It was an hour drive back to camp.  We got back in the camper, ate some lunch, and the sky started to rumble and rain.  Then in REALLY rained– torrents accompanied with pea to marble sized hail.  (My seams got put to the test!  They dripped a little, so I need to do some seam sealing, but the entire tops were water tight and that was the big problem before.)  When it let up I went to get my rain coat and park myself at the finish line so I could get a good picture of our muddy hero.

Then he rode up.  He was done!  2nd place in the 30-39 category!  Last year he did it in over 9 hours.  This year–

7 hours and 37 minutes!!!

I really am married to a super hero.

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