How are you doing this summer?  Dealing well with the record heat?  I have to say there were a few nights while we were trying to sleep in my mother in-law’s un-airconditioned and only one fan house that I thought I would literally melt into a puddle and disappear from off the face of the earth.  Luckily the second half of our stay was MUCH more pleasant in the temperature and humidity department.  Thank heavens.

Now we’re home.  I’m an air-conditioning kind of girl.

inking up

But, I didn’t sit down to write a post about the weather.  What I wanted to show you was my start on printing fabric for my poor worn out wing-back chair in the living room.  When I realized Barry would be home on Thursday I told him that it was going to be my printing day and he’d be in charge of kids (along with his mom who is visiting us now).  He makes it a priority to spend hours upon hours doing what he wants to do– riding his bike.  I have a hard time feeling like I’m not selfish carving out time to do what I want to do– make things.

Anyway, I got some time and took advantage of it.

printing slipcover fabric

with some mums

(My sweet husband took some photos of me working.)

I’m no Galbraith & Paul, but I’ve got a good start.  Next time I work on it I’ll take some photos of my printing blocks so you can see how I made them.

One thought on “printing

  1. That’s really beautiful! – I especially love those deep red flowers. I’m just getting started at learning to print on fabric with my own hand-carved stamps. If you wanted to share a tutorial on how you mount your stamps and what inks you use, you’d have at least one very interested and grateful reader!
    Create on…

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