YMCA of the Rockies

While Barry’s mom was here we also spent a weekend up at the YMCA of the Rockies.   We stayed for 2 nights in one of the hotel-like lodges (sans air conditioning and TV or course), and ate all our meals in the camp cafeteria.  That’s a pretty easy get away– no food to plan or pack.  My very favorite thing there is the Craft and Design center.  Maybe when I’m old I’ll get to stay there all day a weave a basket or something.  We also drove around Rocky Mountain National Park.  It never gets old.

I love this picture or Eva and I with our squinty eyed smiles.

my baby and me

at bear lake in Rocky Mountain Nationaly Park

mountain chickadee

Do you hear the ECHO… echo… echo… echo?

ECHO, echo, echo

all of us

There was mini golfing.

mini golf with Grandma

mini golf


Soooo big!

SO big!

Elk in the middle of it all.



working at the art center

boys painting

From squatting

from squat

to standing!

to stand

Cafeteria food with a view.

breakfast with a view

At the playground.

sweet peek

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