Pintuck tee for me

Hi.  It’s been awhile.  We got back Wednesday from an epic road trip through Utah and Idaho.  I did have every intention of blogging through my trip, but obviously I didn’t.  It is much trickier to blog from my iPad than I thought it would be.  This post has been in my draft box since the beginning of our trip in early September, but never got finished because I’m such a creature of habit I couldn’t get my photos to be the size I wanted until I got home to my own computer.  So, here’s my post about the sweater I finished BEFORE we even left– and the words I wrote then too.  I promise I’ll fill you all in on my trip as the week goes on because naturally you are dying to know all about my exotic adventures driving through lots and lots of sagebrush.

button view

new pintuck tee

pintuck tee

from behind

waist shaping

I’ve had my summer sweater on my needles all summer, and now that summer is coming to a close it’s finally done! We had planned on driving to Boise over the Labor Day weekend, but we had sick littles and a whooping cough scare, so we decided to lay low and stay home (*edited* Our departure just got a bit postponed and rearranged). The thing I was really bummed about was missing the dedicated knitting time that long road trips are for me, but Barry gave me ample time to knit anyway. After a trip to the Fancy Tiger for buttons and learning to crochet from you tube I put the finishing touches on Monday. I’ve worn it a lot this week.


The pattern is the pintuck tee by Lien Ngo.

The yarn is Elsbeth Lovold Hempathy in pale silver.

This is the trickiest thing I’ve ever knit on the smallest needles (size 4 ) with the most shaping.  That actually made it really fun and not too monotonous.  I wish I had made it an inch or 2 longer and I’m not crazy about the sleeves, but other than that it fits great.  I’m too lazy to do anything about the sleeves now so it just is what it is.  The yarn washes great in the washing machine, and I’ve read that it is machine dryable too, but I’m too chicken to put it in the dryer.  It definitely got softer when I put it through the washer and then laid it flat to block it.

My next project is something simple.  Legwarmers!

7 thoughts on “Pintuck tee for me

  1. Amazing! just amazing! I wish i had your talent. sorry to have missed you when you visited.

  2. The top part with the buttons is beautiful. I would wear the sweater a lot too! You are so talented.

  3. It is beautiful! I wish I was such a patient knitter. And had you told me you didn’t have any children at all, I would believe it immediately: you have such a great figure.

  4. I am very happy with my twice a day twenty minutes public transport, in which I can crochet without any disturbance:-)

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