art Friday

Brenna sketchingsketching

Logan sketchingsketching

still life drawing

My drawingmy still life

a working 5 year old

Logan’s finishedLogan's finished drawing

Ian working
Ian working

Ian finished

The other night we visited neighbors.  The mom is a music teacher and the 2 kids, ages 12 and 14, are very talented musicians.  Before we left I insisted they play their violin and cello for us.  Let me tell you, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” sounds coolest played on the cello by a 12 year old boy.

We came home and I wistfully said to Barry, “I wanted to be a music family.”  “But we’re an art family,” he replied.

Oh yeah.  We ARE an art family.  Why do I forget those awesome parts of my life and wish I had others?  My kids draw constantly.  For the most part their lives revolve around drawing, reading, and building legos.  Oh, add wearing pajamas all day and playing dress up into that mix for the little boys.

It is truly food for my soul to sit around and create along side my children– and it’s something I don’t allow myself to do very often.

That’s why I’ve instituted Art Friday.  On Fridays we will make art without worrying about getting anything else done.

Including getting Ian dressed.

One thought on “art Friday

  1. I love the evidence of Ian’s effort on the side of his hand! :-) Yes excellent job done by all. I love how Ian’s started out looking one way and ended up so different. I love your art family… and you’re not too bad in the music department either, at least the singing, and I think a recall a great little harmonica player in a picture a few days back :-)
    Love you! MOM

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