spiral rib leg warmers

headstand in leg warmers

I think it’s been a while since I’ve talked about yoga here, but you know I love yoga, right?  I do.  Whether I do a rigorous practice with lots of sun salutations, standing poses and balancing, or just relax deep into some floor stretches I ALWAYS feel better when I’m done than I did when I started.  I love the exhilaration of progressing and noticing that I’m getting stronger when I can get into a new arm balance or hold downward facing dog for a long time without fatigue.  I love connecting with my breathing in difficult positions and riding the wave of my breath through those moments my legs are shaking and just want to give out– but I hold on through it just one more breath, and then one more.

That connection with my breath has never served me better than when I was immersed in the labor of those final hours before I met a new baby.  When I was expecting Eva I had really strong, overwhelming impressions that I should become a prenatal yoga teacher.  I started asking questions of every yoga teacher I took a class from, researched teaching certification and talked it over with Barry and we decided the best way for me to to yoga teacher training is do go to an immersion program.  So– that means I’m going to be spending 10 days in January up in the Colorado mountains, then 11 more in April.

It will be cold in the mountains in January.  Hence the need for leg warmers.

super duper leg warmers

Spiral Rib Legwarmers to be exact.

spiral rib leg warmers

They’re warm and wooly and were a pretty mindless knit after finishing my Pintuck Tee.  They came with me on the road during our trip in September.  Once I had one done it was a little boring to make another, but I persevered.

Ravelry notes here if you want to know what yarn I used and stuff.

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  1. Immersion… wow, You will LOVE it. Excited for you. So Barry can take all that time off to watch the kids? So are you going to teach out of your home or just taking advantage of the Colorado mountain retreat while you are there and then see what happens once you move?

  2. 11 things that make me happy

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