the Beard Beanie

Among my brothers and their wives we draw names for Christmas gifts and the brother I drew this year had a very specific request.  When we were together over Thanksgiving he whipped out his phone and thumbed through his pinterest pins to show me the coolest thing ev-ah.

A Beard Beanie.

merry christmas to my brother

(Excuse the photo quality– these are all from text messages we’ve exchanged.)

I used this pattern for the beard.  It was quick and painless.  For the hat I used “The Man Hat.”  As for yarn I used some Martha Stewart acrylic/ merino blend that I found at Jo-Ann’s.  I had to use two strands to get the right gauge.  It is super soft and my brother likes it.

Ty's beard beanie

beard beanie and a smile with teeth

So does his wife.


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