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last day sunriseI

This is a photo of the sunrise on the last morning of my yoga training.  I’ve been putting off tending to my blog because I just don’t even know where to start.  I spent a week and a half up at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat learning how to be a yoga teacher.  It was an other-worldly experience for me.  I slept in a dorm and chatted constantly with other yoga girls like I was in college again.  I ate super healthy, delicious vegitarian food that SOMEONE ELSE cooked for me.  I woke up at 5:30 every morning, did yoga asana for about 4 hours a day, sat in meditation for at least an hour and a half a day, and loved every minute of it. There were chickens and baby chicks, new friends, beautiful teachers, and lots and lots of Hindu symbols for me to grapple with.  I was a pretty exotic specimen there, being a Mormon mama of 6.

My kids survived- or should I say thrived?   I have a wonderful husband, friend, and mother in-law to thank for that.  The word is my boys finished up their school work in record time every day I was gone.  Hmmm.  (Does that mean I’m dispensible?  Joanh said they’re fast when I’m gone, but they learn more when I’m here because I ask a lot of questions.)

It was a much needed break and such a wonderful opportunity to follow my own dreams.  From that moment years ago when every fiber in my being told me I needed to be a yoga teacher until now it has been a spiritual journey.  I have always loved that yoga acknowledged how integrated my mind, body, and spirit are.  I have been tremendously grateful for the transformation my body has gone through since Eva was born, and that with consistent daily practice I get stronger (and thinner) and feel more myself.  I just didn’t know that my love for it could deepen so much, that I could find so much of the Gospel I live and love in the teachings of yoga, and that I would have a deeper understanding of prayer and connecting with God.

I’m so happy to be home.

I’m also really excited to go back.

the first half of my teacher training at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Nederland, CO

I’ll leave you with a quote from the prophet Brigham Young:

Our religion measures, weighs, and circumscribes all the wisdom in the world–all that God has ever revealed to man.  God has revealed all the truth that is now in the possession of the world, whether it be scientific or religious… I want to say to my friends that we believe in all good.  If you can find a truth in heaven, earth or hell, it belongs to our doctrine.  We believe it; it is ours; we claim it… OUR RELIGION IS SIMPLY THE TRUTH.  It is all said in this one expression– it embraces all truth, wherever found, in all the works of God and man that are visible or invisible to mortal eye.  (from Discourses of Brigham Young)

And my guiding theme:

If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy we seek after these things. (the 13th Article of Faith)

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  1. you are definitely not dispensable! we missed you in the second half – which was absolutely incredible! You’ll love it! the chicks looked like tiny awkward teenagers by the time we left. hugs to you! you’re amazing!

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