anyone interested in buying some cloth diapers?

I need to get rid of Eva’s cloth diapering stuff before we move.  Anyone out there interested?  What I have to get rid of was only used on Eva from 14 lbs. to 22 lbs., so for her that was from about 3 to 7 months old.  They are all in great, usable condition with minimal staining.

Here’s what I’ve got:

28 small Mother Ease Sandy’s and 12 doublers

(Mother Ease says these fit babies 8-20 lbs. We used them from about 14-22 lbs.  I have LOVED these.  After cloth diaper 5 babies, these have been my favorite and most leak proof by far.)

7 medium Mother Ease Air-Flow covers

1 one-size Sweet Pea pocket diaper and 3 inserts

2 Clotheez Workhorse brown edge (21-30lbs.) diapers

1 striped handknit merino wool soaker longies size 6+ months

1 red handknit soaker (Lambspride wool yarn) size 9+ months

5 unbleached Chines prefolds with a snappy

2 PUL diaper pail liners

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail to jessica (at) seedpodcraft (dot) com to make me an offer.  I really want these to go to someone who will use them!

Thanks so much!



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