through a new lens

Eva in the stroller

full fledged teenager


no chin

speedy gilbird

almost a chicken

hunca munca

close up pushing

full stroller

going through the diaper bag

always drawing

It’s Christmas.  I am always beyond spoiled.  I can’t remember a Christmas where I haven’t felt like I got more than I wanted.  The kids got great individualized gifts this year.  It’s that first year in many that I don’t feel like there is too much stuff.  Eva is loving her babies (old and new) and her new stroller that fits them all.  (Thanks Grandma and Aunt Patti.)  Ian is in heaven with all his new art supplies.  The other kids are happy too.  And happy for each other.

This year I got a lap top and a new camera.  For a snippet of my day I carried around my camera.  It is fun to have new tools.  That might bode well for this blog of mine!

We had the neighbors over for dinner.  As I was getting dinner ready and trying to tidy up and all that having company over entailed I have to admit I was feeling a bit grumpy about it.  It really would have been easier just to stay in our jammies all day and not worry about getting dinner done on time and having a somewhat clean house, but having people over is always SO worth it!  It is so sweet to have a home filled with conversation and friendship.  Add some Christmas singing and 4 sister missionaries and it gets even better.  I was too busy enjoying it all to get any photographic evidence.

It always makes me think of the mother in the book Laddie.  She had “the invitation habit.”  It’s a habit I’m determined to cultivate.

How did you spend Christmas?  Are you close to family?  Do you feel spoiled and blessed?  Do you feel stressed when getting ready for company, but thoroughly grateful when they are there?

2 thoughts on “through a new lens

  1. We didn’t celebrate Christmas with gifts – we never do – but we had our parents and brothers and sisters over for diner and it was the FIRST time since we have kids that I didn’t felt competely overwhelmed by everything that had to be done, so yay to that!

  2. Aaahhh… nice and fresh! :-) not that I thought it needed changed, I like color and your seeds… but white and clean seems to be your color right now. LOVE the pictures!!! And yes I know the feeling of not wanting to do all the work to be ready to have fun, or to feed everyone, or to… day after day… but it is always worth it. We have to put in the effort to reap the rewards in every facet of life. So strange that we always yearn for nothing to do time, but that really isn’t very satisfying in the long run. Just part of that natural-man pull that is part of every day life, just wish it wouldn’t always feel like we have to fight against and it would feel “natural” to want to work hard all of the time. Maybe some people who are more task oriented do feel that way, but then they must struggle against something else. Love you all!! The chickens look great too. :-)

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