This weekend was the Pinewood Derby for Logan’s Cub Scouts.

DSC_0010 DSC_0015 DSC_0023 DSC_0033Logan’s car wasn’t the fastest, but it was the most creative and blood thirsty.  I’m hoping that the boys can get a pinewood derby display shelf built for the basement soon.  We have a lot of cars already and 2 more boys to have their time in Cub Scouts.  Won’t that be fun?


all sorts of new!

It’s been a long time since my blog got a new look.  I was ready for something fresh and clean and simple.  What do you think?  I’m lucky I have a resident computer genius to make my visions a reality.  Now I have a new blog to go with my new camera and lap top!

I’ve also got a fancy event scheduler with my yoga teaching schedule.  Sometime in 2014 I’ll even teach private and semi private classes in my home studio which my local friends can sign up for on my events page.

We’re ringing in the New Year with our traditional fondue feast.  I’m pretty excited about eating copious amounts of bread and cheese.  I’m trying to think of some witty pun about eating cheese on the new moon on New Year’s Eve, but I can’t.  There’s one there, though.  Maybe you can think of it :)

I’m feeling hopeful and full of possibility for the year to come.  2013 was full of change for us.  I think now it is time to find my grove.

2 weeks







Our fluffy babies are entering the akward teenage stage.  Still cute and fun, just a little less fuzzy.  We moved them out of the family room and into the garage and Ellie can’t stand it.  She just wants to be curled up next to their box at all times.  I can’t tell if she wants to eat them or if she thinks they are her puppies.  She sniffs their bums and licks them when she gets a chance.  What does that mean?  Is it a taste test or caretaking?  The chickens are helpful for Ellie, nonetheless.  We installed an inground electric fence to keep her on our property and now she is terrified of going outside.  She won’t go on the lawn or into the woods she’s allowed in– unless there are chicks to guard.  I’m hoping she gets comfortable soon.  She has gone through anxiety issues before and outgrown them.  For several months whenever we would leave the house she would try to get outside with us and then lay down in the driveway so we couldn’t leave her and had to carry her back inside, but then she stopped doing it.  I can’t wait until she realizes that our yard is a safe place and I don’t have to carry her outside to go potty…

(And yes, we have followed the training instructions to the letter.)

Chick week!


This past Wednesday we picked up a package from the Post Office.  It was the noisiest mail I’ve ever received– it was peeping and bipping and bumping.  We opened it up to find 6 lively little fluff balls.  Our chicks!!  I’ve wanted chickens for a very long time.  Eggs are my favorite food– the little poster that was made when I was the “spotlight” in first grade even says so.  I really tried to find a home in Colorado that we could have chickens at, but it just didn’t work out.  Now, here in Virginia, we have our own house with lots of land– and now we have chickens!


Well, they will be chickens someday.  Right now they are the cutest, funniest little things ever.  We got 6 and ordered them from so we could pick a variety of breeds.  Brenna’s is a Silkie Bantam named Gilbird, Jonah’s a Easter Egger Bantam named Hunca-munca, Logan’s a Plymoth Barred Rock named Austra, Ian’s a Blue Ameraucana named cupcake, Hunter named his Buff Orpington Chubbles before she even arrived, and Eva’s (and mine and Barry’s) a Rhode Island Red named Henrietta.













It is amazing how fast they grow and change.  Even in just the few days we’ve had them they’ve sprouted wing feathers and grown longer legs and necks.  Some are even pushing out tail feathers.

It has been unanimously decreed that chick-i-vision is much better than TV or even Minecraft on iPods :)  We’re all having fun with these chick days.  I’m sure eventually the novelty will wear off, but for now we’re soaking it up.