finding a rhythm










I thought that life would just go on when we moved– and it has, but is also full of transitions and newness.  Everyday things are a new adventure.  That is good, but also takes a lot of energy. I have missed my camera and my blog, but finding time and creating space in my days for it has been tricky.

We live in a beautiful place.  I’m so glad my children have each other.  I’m thankful that my camera can capture those fluffy static haired angels and their sweetness.  I love living among trees.  It makes me happy to have chickens.

I’m hoping to make my way here more regularly.  I have yoga to share!  and Christmas celebrations!  and I need the reflection and connection documenting my life here brings.

See you again soon!

Chick week!


This past Wednesday we picked up a package from the Post Office.  It was the noisiest mail I’ve ever received– it was peeping and bipping and bumping.  We opened it up to find 6 lively little fluff balls.  Our chicks!!  I’ve wanted chickens for a very long time.  Eggs are my favorite food– the little poster that was made when I was the “spotlight” in first grade even says so.  I really tried to find a home in Colorado that we could have chickens at, but it just didn’t work out.  Now, here in Virginia, we have our own house with lots of land– and now we have chickens!


Well, they will be chickens someday.  Right now they are the cutest, funniest little things ever.  We got 6 and ordered them from so we could pick a variety of breeds.  Brenna’s is a Silkie Bantam named Gilbird, Jonah’s a Easter Egger Bantam named Hunca-munca, Logan’s a Plymoth Barred Rock named Austra, Ian’s a Blue Ameraucana named cupcake, Hunter named his Buff Orpington Chubbles before she even arrived, and Eva’s (and mine and Barry’s) a Rhode Island Red named Henrietta.













It is amazing how fast they grow and change.  Even in just the few days we’ve had them they’ve sprouted wing feathers and grown longer legs and necks.  Some are even pushing out tail feathers.

It has been unanimously decreed that chick-i-vision is much better than TV or even Minecraft on iPods :)  We’re all having fun with these chick days.  I’m sure eventually the novelty will wear off, but for now we’re soaking it up.

ready for take off

On Thursday when I checked our nest there were only 3 babies left.  I think they’re so funny with their beady eyes, yellow “lips”, and tufts of fluff.

3 fuzzy heads

Today there were only 2.

ready for take off

As soon as I snapped their picture one flew away.  I bet by tomorrow the nest will be empty.

It’s funny, when it was supposed to be spring here in March, and then April I was really mourning being away from the magic of our amazing yard in Ohio.  I missed feeling like the world was just teaming with life, like the earth was in celebration at the coming out of the sun.  Spring in our suburban Colorado neighborhood just can’t compare.  It’s been late in coming, but there’s also the generic feel of  our yard.  No towering maple trees with dozens of goldfinches.  No red buds.  No kid made cities of forts.

But, these little birds reminded me that nature is everywhere– even in our neighborhood of arid postage stamp yards.  It may be different here, but still the miracles abound.  I know there are millions of birds, and I know it seems silly, but I couldn’t help but feel like just when I was missing them most, the birds found me.  Their nest was built, the eggs were laid, the babies hatched, and now they’re flying away.  It all happened so quickly we had to pay attention or we would miss it.  That’s how life is.  We can live and grow and thrive in a protective grove of trees or on someone’s front door.  Really, no place is perfect. Just like I know that this house, in this neighborhood is where I need to be, our front door wreath was just where those finches needed to be.   The ins and outs of our front door certainly weren’t ideal for this little bird family, but watching them has sure brought us joy, and made me feel that connection to the natural world I so needed.

Isn’t amazing how quickly it all happened?

front door finches