out in the open

they've hatched!

The little eggs on our front door hatched on Saturday.  Oh, the adventures that lie ahead!  I keep having visions of baby birds hopping around our living room with all of us running around not sure what to do.

On Wednesday night Barry had to run out late, and instead of opening the garage door and risking waking up a kid or two he opted to go out the front door.  He opened it quickly.  The mama bird did not have a chance to fly away until the door was opened all the way.   As most front doors do, it opens inward.

Mama bird was flying around inside our house.

I sat and watched her, not knowing what to do.  I turned off the lights in the house, opened all the doors I could, turned on the porch lights, but she kept flying into the windows.  Oh, I felt so bad for her.  I kept praying, “Heavenly Father, you made this bird– help her figure out how to get out…”

She perched on the high banister in our tall open entryway.  She was so tired and I was too afraid to traumatize her any further.  When Barry came home he chased her around a bit more, then finally got a bed sheet, gently tossed it over her, and took her outside.

I was scared that the trauma would make her abandon her nest, but she came back.

Now her and papa bird are busy with all those mouths to feed!

And while we’re talking about baby birds, you must see Molly’s nest of blue birds!


tea towell embroidery

Here’s a little tea towel embroidery I did while listening to General Conference over Easter weekend.  The ever inspiring Geninne posted hers and she kindly obliged when I asked for a pattern, so I had to stitch it up.  Hunter likes to carry it around saying “buhr, buhr”.  I finally remembered to take a photo of it before it gets dirty and thrown in the laundry.

Hope your week is off to a good start!  I had a good morning walk with a friend and spied nearly 10 goldfinches!

making books

A few weeks ago I had an issue of Home Education Magazine out from the library and in it was an add for Bare Books.  My kids kept eying it, then we saw posts at Soule Mama and Balancing Everything about the fun of filling them up, so I thought I’d order a box full to coincide with all the writing I hoped would ensue with the unveiling of the typewriter.

It looks like I will be buying bare books like groceries.

reading his creation

The day they arrived we cracked open the box and everyone got started.  Logan filled his up in no time with the story of “Tom and the Magic Roller Coaster.”

tom and the magic roller coaster

Hi, I'm Tom

Woa A elf is at home

I can’t even tell you how much I love his uninhibited 5 year old drawings and handwriting.  He is fearless in his art making.

Brenna and Jonah wrote stories too.  After writing and dreaming all day long Jonah was so filled with pride in his work.  As I tucked him in he said, “Mom, I never knew I liked writing as much as I like reading.  It feels so good to write something someone else will read and really, really like.”  He’s still at work making sure his handwriting is neat as he goes.  It’s fun to watch their personalities magnified in their work.  I will definitely post more books soon.

I’ve got a board book of our backyard birds in the works for Hunter who says “buhr, buhr” with his little pointer finger constantly.  We have an Audubon calendar and he will stand beneath it with his arms stretched up making all the noise he can to get someone to lift him up for a closer look.

buhr book

buhr, buhr

It’s been embarrassingly long since I last drew something.  It really feels so good.  (Here are closeups of the goldfinch and robin.) I’m almost finished with the house finches that are nesting on our front door.

working on house finches

They have 5 eggs now.

5 now!

My front door is going to be a mess when they hatch!

Happy Mothers Day!

Our little mama finch has been hard at work filling her nest in our front door wreath.  I thought it fitting on this Mother’s day to show off what this little mama is working so hard to do.

happy mothers day!

10 years ago today I became a mother.  My little tiny Brenna came into this world and completely changed mine.  In so many ways I feel like I was born when she was– I found my strength and power and purpose.  And I finally began to understand my own Mom, to love and appreciate what I just didn’t have the capacity to love and appreciate before.

So, thanks mom for being my mom.  I love and admire you so much.  I think of all the little things– ordering me cool magazines so I could draw pictures of tigers all day long, not nagging me to practice the piano, but paying for lessons anyway, tolerating my messy room, but making me do my own laundry, lining up Action Packers along the kitchen wall to pack for week long camping trips and making it look so easy and fun.  In so many ways I am trying to be just like you, and it’s funny how in so many ways I am.

Thanks to all of you mothers who come here and read my blog.  Thanks for your comments and friendship and all the good you do in your own little sphere.  There is nothing more important in this world than being a mother.  I really believe that.

wreath nest