out in the open

they've hatched!

The little eggs on our front door hatched on Saturday.  Oh, the adventures that lie ahead!  I keep having visions of baby birds hopping around our living room with all of us running around not sure what to do.

On Wednesday night Barry had to run out late, and instead of opening the garage door and risking waking up a kid or two he opted to go out the front door.  He opened it quickly.  The mama bird did not have a chance to fly away until the door was opened all the way.   As most front doors do, it opens inward.

Mama bird was flying around inside our house.

I sat and watched her, not knowing what to do.  I turned off the lights in the house, opened all the doors I could, turned on the porch lights, but she kept flying into the windows.  Oh, I felt so bad for her.  I kept praying, “Heavenly Father, you made this bird– help her figure out how to get out…”

She perched on the high banister in our tall open entryway.  She was so tired and I was too afraid to traumatize her any further.  When Barry came home he chased her around a bit more, then finally got a bed sheet, gently tossed it over her, and took her outside.

I was scared that the trauma would make her abandon her nest, but she came back.

Now her and papa bird are busy with all those mouths to feed!

And while we’re talking about baby birds, you must see Molly’s nest of blue birds!

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  1. Hooray for new life! I am really looking forward to hearing more about how you and your family coexist with the bird family. I know so many people would have just knocked down the nest, but what a lovely opportunity to teach our kids about the way we all depend on each other to survive :)

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