finding a rhythm










I thought that life would just go on when we moved– and it has, but is also full of transitions and newness.  Everyday things are a new adventure.  That is good, but also takes a lot of energy. I have missed my camera and my blog, but finding time and creating space in my days for it has been tricky.

We live in a beautiful place.  I’m so glad my children have each other.  I’m thankful that my camera can capture those fluffy static haired angels and their sweetness.  I love living among trees.  It makes me happy to have chickens.

I’m hoping to make my way here more regularly.  I have yoga to share!  and Christmas celebrations!  and I need the reflection and connection documenting my life here brings.

See you again soon!

halloween 2012

the pumpkin clan

I have such a love hate relationship with Halloween.  My kids love it, and I do love their imaginations and love of dressing up.  But EIGHT pumpkins?  That’s a lot.  Couldn’t 3 or 4 be sufficient?  All the candy?  It drives me crazy.  Gore and evil?  Hate it.

I do love happy excited kids, though, so I guess I’m not too down on Halloween.  They had a lot of fun just getting into their costumes (and character) and trick or treating.



the elf costume


i have a lot of photos with this face

fighter pilot


black ninja with a bug



karate kick

pumpkins in the dark

dr. green eye

lit up

my pumpkin

Was that enough photos for you?  I think the funnest thing about Halloween for me is looking back through the photos of past years and seeing how my kids have changed and grown.  I mean, look at my Brenna.  My big, beautiful, grown up girl.  She’s always had very strong opinions about what she’d be for Halloween.  Never again will she be a hermit crab.

hermit crab of 2003

If you just haven’t had enough here are some links to past Halloweens:







painting around the table

I came home from the store the other day with a new orchid.

my new orchid

I do so love to have a blooming orchid on my kitchen table, but seeing how I am incapable of getting them to rebloom it has been a long time since I’ve had one.  I decided to remedy that with $15 and an impulse buy at Costco.  Much easier than monitoring humidity, seasonal temperatures etc. etc.

Yesterday I sat down with a scrap piece of watercolor paper and my little box of paints and painted.

painting together

It wasn’t long until I had company.

adding to the sky

We all felt so happy– it’s so easy for me to forget that I love to paint and that I don’t need total solitude to do it.  My kids LOVE to sit and watch me.  They love to paint along side of me.

I painted!

It’s a habit I need to create.

these two

My life is messy– as in snot encrusted, dog hair covered, crumbs on the floor, fingerprints on every door, little bits of cut up paper everywhere messy.  I have friends who don’t let their kids play with play dough or paint because of the mess it makes.  Sometimes I wish I had rules like that– and the spotless windows, counters, and hardwood floors to go with them.

drawing his spaceship controls

um, I'm not sure what to say about this one

pilot and navigator

mission control

these two...

But would I trade days like this– the self made masks, spaceship controls, jammies turned costume kind of days– for a house that stayed clean for hours on end?


(I can say that now that they’re all in bed and I’m alone with the mess.)