For the whole month of October I tried to ignore the fact that Halloween was coming– maybe if I ignored it well enough it would just go away?  It didn’t go away.  Everything turned out fine anyway.  We even used some store bought costumes this year! *gasp*

Brenna was an elf.

elf ears

magical elf

We made some pointy ears out of skin colored felt and she scrounged the scrap bag for cape fabric.  Easy-peasy.

Jonah was a fly.


fly wings

Glasses from the Halloween store, pipe cleaner antennae, cheap shower curtain wings.  Easy again.

Logan was a black dragon.

Logan-made dragon man

dragon wings

He made his snout thing, got out his bat wing-cape that I made him several years ago, and Barry sprayed his hair and painted his face for him.

I bought some costumes

Hunter and Ian were Iron Man and Bumblebee.  They LOVE these costumes and wear them every day.  I figure that since they are part of their regular wardrobe they were worth the investment– and earned me some cool mom points too.

Eva was a little skeleton.

screaming skeleton

She wasn’t nearly as excited about Halloween as the other kids.


This is my kids very favorite holiday.  Jonah said, “Halloween is fun in our family.  It brings out our creative genius.”

Yeah, that and candy.  I’m glad it’s nearly all gone already.

4 thoughts on “Halloweeners

  1. How adorable they all are! Are you serious it’s nearly all gone – we have candy coming out our ears – I’d gladly give it away! Gladly!

  2. It does bring out their creative genius :-) Good job you older kids. And the super heros are super :-)

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