super stripy picky pants

stripy picky pants

This week I finished knitting this pair of pants for little Eva.  They are oh so soft and oh so cute.  I used the Picky Pants pattern from Little Turtle Knits and Malabrigo Worsted Merino yarn (which I also used on her newborn diaper wrap a while back).

stripy picky pants

I made a size medium hoping that would be the right size to fit her through this winter and it looks good.  They are pretty big now, but she will grow.

It’s bittersweet, this growing thing my baby is doing.

wiggle time

On the one hand it is so much fun to watch her open up to this world– to see her eyes light up when she looks one of us in the eye, to hear her squeals of delight as we coo and talk to her,


to see her serious concentration as she bats at her toys.

On the other hand I just want her to stay tiny– just a tiny sweet smelling little lump I can hold up to my cheek.  Growing is good, though.  There is no way to resist all the chins and the rolly thighs…

and the smiles and giggles!


tongue out concentration

But I digress.  This post is about pants, right?  I really want to tell you about the waistband.  The Picky Pants pattern gives 2 options– and elasticized waist or a drawstring waist.  I got a wool diaper cover knit by a friend and she did this genius thing.  She put elastic inside her i-cord.  I love how it looks, so I thought I steal her idea and do it on these pants making them a pair of drawstring-elastic waist pants.  I just made a 4 stitch i-cord the length I wanted the waistband to be (in this case about 16 inches) and threaded a 16 inch piece of 1/4″ wide elastic through it with a safety pin.  I wove that in and out the eyelets in the waistband, sewed the ends of the elastic together, then closed up the i-cord around it.

the waistband

Love it.

(And for those of you who are wondering, Eva is playing with the baby gym I made Hunter and she loves it.  She bats and bats and bats away and often just wiggles herself to sleep.  Super cute.)


2 thoughts on “super stripy picky pants

  1. OHHH my goodness those are sooo cute! I wish I knew how to knit! What a cute little chubby cheeked girl she is!! Did you Mom tell you I’m gonna have a baby myself! Super sick right now but excited! Great work on the pants!!

  2. How fun! I love the idea of a stretchy band to keep those pants on a little tummy! Awesome!

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