Eva’s stocking (or the first thing I’ve sewn since we moved)



Until Christmas Eve I hadn’t done any sewing since we moved.  Then we were arranging stockings and realized that for a third year Eva would have to use one of the Smartwool socks from my drawer for her stocking.  Spontaneous crafting is the best kind!  I rummaged through my scraps, made some pinwheels and voila!  A stocking!  (OK, it may not have been that instantaneous.  It took a couple of hours of procrastinating wrapping presents.  Spontaneous crafting while procrastinating other things that need attention is a particular specialty of mine.)

“Eva, hold your stocking so I can take a picture of you with it.”

DSC_0012 That didn’t quite work out how I wanted it to.

DSC_0010You get the idea, though, right?  It is pink and girly for my pink girly girl.


finding a rhythm










I thought that life would just go on when we moved– and it has, but is also full of transitions and newness.  Everyday things are a new adventure.  That is good, but also takes a lot of energy. I have missed my camera and my blog, but finding time and creating space in my days for it has been tricky.

We live in a beautiful place.  I’m so glad my children have each other.  I’m thankful that my camera can capture those fluffy static haired angels and their sweetness.  I love living among trees.  It makes me happy to have chickens.

I’m hoping to make my way here more regularly.  I have yoga to share!  and Christmas celebrations!  and I need the reflection and connection documenting my life here brings.

See you again soon!

a few jumps






With 6 kids it is often hard to figure out how to divide my attention the right way.  I so want my kids know that they are loved and that I value the things they want to do.  Admittedly, looking at the fine details of yet another Lego guy or jumping on the tramploline with a very bossy 2 year old are not always on the top of my list of things I want to do– but when I give myself fully to that moment the rewards are great.  I’m learning that my full presence and attention for just 5 or 10 minutes can fill them up and set them free to play and explore on their own for quite awhile, but if I persist that I’m too busy then they pester and whine for much longer than that and we are both left frusterated.  Who wants that?

Really, a few jumps can be pure joy.

pigtails with curls

Christmas girl

It’s been a while since I popped in here.  We had a wonderful trip to Boise for Thanksgiving and along with that trip we all got sick again.  There has been no puking this time, thank goodness, just fevers and sore throats and coughs that are very stubborn.  I know I need to post photos of glorious visits with friends and family, but today I’m living in the moment.

And this moment that I captured from this day makes me smile inside and out.  My little Eva has enough hair to have 2 little pig tails on top of her head.  I made some curly little bows yesterday to match her new Christmas outfit and used them today– along with the curling iron.

So, so, so cute!

first pigtails

Doesn’t that get you in the Christmas spirit?