halloween 2012

the pumpkin clan

I have such a love hate relationship with Halloween.  My kids love it, and I do love their imaginations and love of dressing up.  But EIGHT pumpkins?  That’s a lot.  Couldn’t 3 or 4 be sufficient?  All the candy?  It drives me crazy.  Gore and evil?  Hate it.

I do love happy excited kids, though, so I guess I’m not too down on Halloween.  They had a lot of fun just getting into their costumes (and character) and trick or treating.



the elf costume


i have a lot of photos with this face

fighter pilot


black ninja with a bug



karate kick

pumpkins in the dark

dr. green eye

lit up

my pumpkin

Was that enough photos for you?  I think the funnest thing about Halloween for me is looking back through the photos of past years and seeing how my kids have changed and grown.  I mean, look at my Brenna.  My big, beautiful, grown up girl.  She’s always had very strong opinions about what she’d be for Halloween.  Never again will she be a hermit crab.

hermit crab of 2003

If you just haven’t had enough here are some links to past Halloweens:








buried and found

october leaves

big and little

burying herself

Just popping in to say happy weekend.  It’s been a relaxing one for us so far.  The weather is perfect fall, there are leaves to rake and jump into, and cute kids to soak up.

What are you up to?

can you hear the cuteness?

Eva has a new talent.

can you hear the cuteness?

She can frequently be found wandering the house with a harmonica or two in hand.  She plays and plays and plays.

the traveling musician

constant cuteness

a break from playing to sing a bit

Oh this baby!  I’m constantly saying that she is the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen.

And then she gets cuter.

Happy, happy birthday Eva dear!

So, princess Eva had a birthday today.  I anticipated having an emotional day, seeing how my last baby is crossing that bridge from babyhood to toddlerhood, but it’s been a sweet, relaxing day.  I feel good about this whole thing.  Good and complete.  Eva’s the other slice of bread to our “girl- boy- boy- boy- boy- girl” sandwich we’ve made here and it all feels just as it should be.

We didn’t do anything elaborate, just opened a couple of presents

opening a first b-day present

She loved the teddy bear card from Grandma Croker.
she loved the card

The big kids read her new books over and over.  She loved the sound effects for the walrus in Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you See?  best.

Ian, our resident crown maker made sure she was appropriately outfitted with a specially designed tiara.

one candle

That’s blowing she’s doing there,

she's blowing

and then singing and clapping in response to our singing and clapping.

singing for herself and clapping

Barry made an angel food cake from scratch.

We took it out on the deck and ate to the sunset.

nothing better than cake on the deck at sunsetNow we’ll all go to bed so happy we have our chubby, wobbly walking, bright eyed little Eva.

Happy birthday sweet heart!