halloween 2012

the pumpkin clan

I have such a love hate relationship with Halloween.  My kids love it, and I do love their imaginations and love of dressing up.  But EIGHT pumpkins?  That’s a lot.  Couldn’t 3 or 4 be sufficient?  All the candy?  It drives me crazy.  Gore and evil?  Hate it.

I do love happy excited kids, though, so I guess I’m not too down on Halloween.  They had a lot of fun just getting into their costumes (and character) and trick or treating.



the elf costume


i have a lot of photos with this face

fighter pilot


black ninja with a bug



karate kick

pumpkins in the dark

dr. green eye

lit up

my pumpkin

Was that enough photos for you?  I think the funnest thing about Halloween for me is looking back through the photos of past years and seeing how my kids have changed and grown.  I mean, look at my Brenna.  My big, beautiful, grown up girl.  She’s always had very strong opinions about what she’d be for Halloween.  Never again will she be a hermit crab.

hermit crab of 2003

If you just haven’t had enough here are some links to past Halloweens:







a monster with a mohawk

design and cut

sewing on the mohawk

finished front

little bat wings

finished again

As soon as Logan got the party invitation he knew just what he wanted to give his friend Rusty.  He drew sketches and pattern pieces, and then cut them out.  I followed his directions and did the sewing.  The arms and legs took a second try because they were too teeny to turn right side out the first time.  It was a good education in the importance of seam allowance.    There were very elaborate plans for clothes, but I talked him into something simpler– little bitty bat wings.

The word is that he’s well loved!

when Granny and Papa were here

My parents came to visit and we packed as much into the short time they were here as we could.  Right after we picked them up from the airport we packed lunch and headed to Castlewood Canyon for a hike to the “rock forts” as my kids call them.

papa hiking with the boys

up in a little cave

along the cliff

scaling the cliff


fun rocks


Granny, Papa, Eva

hiker dog

these two are so serious

hiking down

The next day our sweet Logan got baptized.  He planned the service himself, picked the songs, made phone calls to his Primary teacher and our Home Teacher for talks, asked his sister and piano teacher to give prayers.  Barry baptized him and he asked my dad to confirm him.  It was so sweet and beautiful and a wonderful reflection of Logan and who he is and who he loves at this time in his life.

baptism day

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a picture and Logan and Papa together.

On the last day their flight didn’t leave until 9:00 pm, so we had some adventures that day too.  The weather was perfect for visits to Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks.

Our tour guide Dan-o-saurus took us back 150 million years to touch some stegosaurus bones.  You can then the bones from the rest of the rock because of their color, texture, and taste (so Jonah licked the rock).

touch stegasaurus bones

Here are some dinosaur foot prints from underneath.

dino footprint from underneath

Logan is being stepped on by an apatosaurus.

Logan being stepped on by an apatasaurus

the sign

iguanadon footprints!!

Back in the 1930s when they were building Alameda Highway they uncovered this field of iguanadon foot prints.  The footprints are colored in with charcoal to make them more visible.  Pretty amazing, huh?

little Hunter with a baby inguanadon footprint

the field of dinosaur footprints at Dinosaur Ridge

We made a quick stop at Red Rocks to see it, then wandered around Ikea for lunch on the way home.

at Red Rocks

We love you Granny and Papa!  It was so fun to have you here.  See you again soon!


catching up– an 8 year old birthday

Our exuberant, sweet, bouncy, spinning, creative, handsome Logan turned 8!!  He wanted an art party, so we drew, painted, and tie dyed t-shirts.

art boys

tie dying



There were a lot of boys who had a lot of fun.

And of course on that hot July day it degenerated into a water fight.  The 4 Super Soakers he got contributed to that too.

water fight