halloween 2012

the pumpkin clan

I have such a love hate relationship with Halloween.  My kids love it, and I do love their imaginations and love of dressing up.  But EIGHT pumpkins?  That’s a lot.  Couldn’t 3 or 4 be sufficient?  All the candy?  It drives me crazy.  Gore and evil?  Hate it.

I do love happy excited kids, though, so I guess I’m not too down on Halloween.  They had a lot of fun just getting into their costumes (and character) and trick or treating.



the elf costume


i have a lot of photos with this face

fighter pilot


black ninja with a bug



karate kick

pumpkins in the dark

dr. green eye

lit up

my pumpkin

Was that enough photos for you?  I think the funnest thing about Halloween for me is looking back through the photos of past years and seeing how my kids have changed and grown.  I mean, look at my Brenna.  My big, beautiful, grown up girl.  She’s always had very strong opinions about what she’d be for Halloween.  Never again will she be a hermit crab.

hermit crab of 2003

If you just haven’t had enough here are some links to past Halloweens:







3 thoughts on “halloween 2012

  1. Ha! Ha! I’m giggling about your pumpkin comment. I have 6 kids too and we always wind up with 10 gazillion pumpkins. I think we got away with carving only about 7 last night. . .

  2. I love your white pumpkin with the fun design, and I love the painted eyes, also the slanty mouth on that little one. Brenna as a hermit crab, looks JUST LIKE EVA!

    Tyler was here Thursday night when I first looked at these and we were cracking up over Ian. SO CUTE. Love Brenna’s ears and eyes… the added makeup looks great. Reminds me of Fablehaven :-)

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