Eva’s stocking (or the first thing I’ve sewn since we moved)



Until Christmas Eve I hadn’t done any sewing since we moved.  Then we were arranging stockings and realized that for a third year Eva would have to use one of the Smartwool socks from my drawer for her stocking.  Spontaneous crafting is the best kind!  I rummaged through my scraps, made some pinwheels and voila!  A stocking!  (OK, it may not have been that instantaneous.  It took a couple of hours of procrastinating wrapping presents.  Spontaneous crafting while procrastinating other things that need attention is a particular specialty of mine.)

“Eva, hold your stocking so I can take a picture of you with it.”

DSC_0012 That didn’t quite work out how I wanted it to.

DSC_0010You get the idea, though, right?  It is pink and girly for my pink girly girl.


a monster with a mohawk

design and cut

sewing on the mohawk

finished front

little bat wings

finished again

As soon as Logan got the party invitation he knew just what he wanted to give his friend Rusty.  He drew sketches and pattern pieces, and then cut them out.  I followed his directions and did the sewing.  The arms and legs took a second try because they were too teeny to turn right side out the first time.  It was a good education in the importance of seam allowance.    There were very elaborate plans for clothes, but I talked him into something simpler– little bitty bat wings.

The word is that he’s well loved!

ok, so I’m pretty proud of my sewing skills…

A couple of summers ago we bought a used tent trailer we found on craigslist.  It has been fun to camp in, but needed a little help.  I recovered all the cushions with cute new fabric and still need to work on the curtains.  But what it really needed was help with the tent roofs.  The vinyl was brittle and discolored and CRACKED in a bazillion places.  Not so good in rain storms. (There were only 2 small cracks when we bought it, but they spread and multiplied with each use.)

tent sewing!

I looked into getting the vinyl/canvas replaced, but it was going to cost nearly $1000.  So, we held our breath, ordered some Temper Tent Vinyl tarps from none other than tarps.com and sewed in new roofs ourselves.

late night tent reapairs

My sewing machine wasn’t too excited about it, but we made it.  The tension was all wonky and I couldn’t ever get it perfect, but we weren’t going for pretty– just functional.  It was HUGE and HEAVY and really hard to maneuver.  I had to keep telling Barry, “We can do it!  We can do this.”  Of course the second one went better than the first.

Things I learned– use a walking foot, and a jeans 100/16 needle is better than a leather/vinyl needle.  We used bulldog and binder clips to hold everything together so we didn’t make holes with pins.  Not that pins would have ever gone through without getting all bent.

the seams aren't pretty, but they're good

We used a mix of new binding made from tarp scraps and the old original binding.  You can see that sometimes my tension was a little loopy, especially over the curves, but the seams are still strong and hold up to being stretched.  Phew!

putting it back together

We got it all put back together.

look- no cracks!

And look- no cracks!

a new tent roof

We’re headed up to the mountains today to use it.  Barry’s got the mother of all bike races tomorrow–

the Bailey Hundo.  100 miles on a MOUNTAIN bike.  Totally nuts, but totally awesome.

big bum baby pants on a 7 month old Eva

big bum pants

I just finished this pair of pants I had started when Eva was teeny tiny.  I used the Big Bum Baby Pants pattern from Growing up Sew Liberated in the 0-6 month size and got to the point of putting the waste band elastic in.  They were so huge then I didn’t bother to finish them, set them aside, and forgot about them until now.  I quickly put some elastic in the waste and hemmed the legs (without the elastic called for in the pattern).  They are still big and baggy to fit over her cloth diapered bum, and soft and comfy even in the 0-6 month size.

big bum baby pants

stripy pants

And now Eva is 7 months old.  She’s a big girl– wearing 12 month or 18 month clothes depending on the brand.  She’s got 2 teeth on the bottom, one on the top.  Her new blonde hair is growing straight up.  She loves to clap and blow really, really noisy and slobbery raspberries.  Not very lady like, I know, but very funny.  We’ve tried feeding her sweet potatoes a few times because she seems so interested in everything we’re eating.  Her little arms go reaching and her little sucker gets sucking, but when we actually put some food in her mouth her instant reaction is to stick her tongue out and spray that orange stuff all over the place.  It is so funny– and messy.  It’s like she thinks that using her tongue in that way is the way you’re supposed to eat and enjoy those yummy new flavors.  Silly girl.



She’s not crawling yet and can just roll from her back to front.  Once she gets on her tummy she plays for a bit, does some super man poses, and gets mad.  I love this stage where she can just sit with a basket of toys and she’s staying in it much longer than my other kids did.  I think Jonah is the only other one that waited longer than 7 months to start crawling and getting into EVERYTHING.  What a blessing to have her as my 6th baby!!

in action