Eva’s stocking (or the first thing I’ve sewn since we moved)



Until Christmas Eve I hadn’t done any sewing since we moved.  Then we were arranging stockings and realized that for a third year Eva would have to use one of the Smartwool socks from my drawer for her stocking.  Spontaneous crafting is the best kind!  I rummaged through my scraps, made some pinwheels and voila!  A stocking!  (OK, it may not have been that instantaneous.  It took a couple of hours of procrastinating wrapping presents.  Spontaneous crafting while procrastinating other things that need attention is a particular specialty of mine.)

“Eva, hold your stocking so I can take a picture of you with it.”

DSC_0012 That didn’t quite work out how I wanted it to.

DSC_0010You get the idea, though, right?  It is pink and girly for my pink girly girl.


3 thoughts on “Eva’s stocking (or the first thing I’ve sewn since we moved)

  1. Yea for sewing!!! I know the feeling…I don’t get to visit with my machine as much as I would like to. Moving throws everything in a whirl!

  2. That’s super cute! Spontaneous cleaning while procrastinating other things is my specialty, haha, it clears my head!

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