finding a rhythm










I thought that life would just go on when we moved– and it has, but is also full of transitions and newness.  Everyday things are a new adventure.  That is good, but also takes a lot of energy. I have missed my camera and my blog, but finding time and creating space in my days for it has been tricky.

We live in a beautiful place.  I’m so glad my children have each other.  I’m thankful that my camera can capture those fluffy static haired angels and their sweetness.  I love living among trees.  It makes me happy to have chickens.

I’m hoping to make my way here more regularly.  I have yoga to share!  and Christmas celebrations!  and I need the reflection and connection documenting my life here brings.

See you again soon!

two babies and some spelunking

Today I bring you some non-phone photos of our trip.  If you read my previous post you might remember that our plans got a bit rearranged.  Originally we were going to drive to Boise for Labor Day weekend, but the night before we were going to head out Hunter was up with a cough.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  Normally that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but just days before a friend called to let me know that her daughter had been diagnosed with whooping cough, so my kids had been exposed.  We decided that a trip to the doctor was in order, just in case, and then we decided to wait on test results before we left.  It gave us a wonderful long weekend where we had nothing that we had to do.  We bought a fire pit for the back yard, roasted marshmallows, camped out, played guitars and sang silly songs.  Sometimes things not going according to plan is exactly what is needed, and it was.

I decided that I would do the drive by myself the next week.  It was exhausting and empowering all at once.  We stopped in Utah to visit dear friends, then headed up to eastern Idaho to visit my brother and his family.  Can you believe these are the only photos I have of that part of the visit?

little girls eating

all done

Those little cousins were so super cute– opposites in every way.  Savanna is bald– Eva has out of control fluff. Eva weighs 22 lbs. and Savanna is something like 15 lbs.  Savanna eats a ton of whatever you offer her– Eva just gave her food to Savanna.

While we were in eastern Idaho we also had a quick visit with my dear friends Jessica and Tracy.  I have no photographic evidence.  Our kids loved each other and played like they had just seen each other yesterday.  Poor Tracy laid on the couch with her hurt hip.  Jessica, in all her skinniness, ate roasted veggies from her garden and shared with me the finer points of Sparrow Girls.  One wonderful part of this trip is that I got to spend time with friends that I wish I could just pack up in my pocket and take with me everywhere I go.  Jessica and Tracy are two of those friends.  My friend Erin in Utah is another one.

On the way to Boise from Blackfoot we went to Craters of the Moon National Monument.  Every time we’ve done this drive I’ve wanted to go, but put it off for want of just getting there (either Boise or home).  This time I did it.  I took 6 kids to the crazy, other worldly landscape out in the middle of no where.  I, the lone adult, took 6 kids through lava caves.  It did take me 3 times as long to feed them lunch, clean up from lunch, get shoes on those 12 feet, and get on the trail than it would have had Barry been with me– but I did it!  It was worth the memories.

craters of the moon

ready for spelunking

always on my back

hike through the lava


one little spelunker

down into indian tunnel

at the mouth

climbing around the rocks

toward an opening

back on the surface

what big brothers are for

happy thanksgiving

lovely light

I’m popping in today to tell you all I’m thankful for you!  The other day I was at a neighborhood park and someone came up to me and asked, “Are you Jessica?”  Turns out she was a blog reader.  She had e-mailed me once to ask about a place we had hiked, but had never commented.  It was fun to chat with her, see her family, feel like we had something in common.  I left wondering how many people are out there reading this.  Well, to all of you, I’m thankful for you.  I’m thankful for this place to share the things I actually accomplish and finish, to share what I love, to archive the best parts of my life.

I’m also thankful that the holidays are near.  This whole month has been quite a challenge because Barry has been gone for training and only able to be home on weekends.  I am SO thankful that I am not a single parent.  I forget how disorganized and messy I naturally am when my partner in this crazy big-family-homeschooling endeavor is not around.  It’s good for me to realize that I seem on top of things because he helps me so much.

So, the kids and I are heading down to Colorado Springs to try out Dad’s hotel room for a night, watch TV (oh, the things that are a treat!), take a dip in the pool, eat out… and then come home and cook some turkey.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend that is full of everything good.

deer creek canyon

Photos by me (the top) and Brenna (the bottom) from our hike in the foothills this past weekend.