a wooly diaper cover


I’m still working on that birth story post, so in the meantime I thought I’d post some more pictures of our sweet little girl.  She’s been such a blessing– and sleeps 5 or 6 hours every night!

fluffy bum

While we were on our trip to Idaho in June I knit this little diaper cover.  I had yet to knit a diaper cover that would work– but on baby #6 I finally did it!  I used the Warm Heart Woolies Plain Wrap pattern (you’ll need to sign in to ravelry for that link to work) and Malabrigo worsted yarn.  Malabrigo is SO soft and felts easily, so it works really well for a diaper cover.  I added aplix hook and loop to fasten it which makes for easy changes.


It is so fun to snuggle a baby with a soft, fluffy bum.

sweet sleeping

wooly diaper cover

14 thoughts on “a wooly diaper cover

  1. jessica, she’s beautiful! congratulations!
    i agree about the soft, fluffy woolen diaper covers, nothing beats them. except maybe just a bare bum :).
    i’ve had more luck with felted sweater diaper covers than with knitted covers. perhaps i need to try this pattern and yarn.
    happy babymoon friend, i’m enjoying mine as well. xo.

  2. What a sweet photo shoot. She looks just perfect.

    Do you use your diaper cover alone with the diaper or do you use another sort of diaper cover as well. It seems scary to just use the woolen cover but I never have tried.

  3. April-
    It works as a diaper cover without anything else over it. Wool is naturally water resistant– especially if it has lanolin on it. It also can absorb a lot of moisture before it feels wet and is naturally antibacterial. I’ve use wool diaper covers I’ve purchased before, this is the first one I’ve made that works.

  4. Congrats on the new addition! I’ve been a new’ish reader for a bit and I just love your blog.

    Your baby girl is absolutely adorable in her diaper cover! I am not a sewer, but still love to see what people can do.

    Love reading your blog!

  5. Seedpod Craft » Blog Archive » super stripy picky pants

  6. Beautiful Baby! I love the way your cover turned out – thinking of making my own. Just curious, do you know about how much yardage/grams you used? I have half a skein of cascade 220 leftover and want to see if I can make it work for this. Thanks!

  7. Hi,
    This post was written a long time ago but I’ve just come across it.
    Your cover seems different from the ravelty pattern. What changes did you make to get the kind of flaos to close the diaper ? If you remember….!
    Thanks a lot

  8. Sorry, spelling mistake.. I meant what changes did you make to get the FLAPS to close the cover.
    Your cover is just gorgeous !

  9. Hi,

    I know this post is old, but I’m thinking about trying to make a cover with this yarn, and I’m wondering about felting. Did you felt it after you knitted it? How did you account for shrinking? How did you felt and lanolize it? Thanks for any advice you could give! :)

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