these two

My life is messy– as in snot encrusted, dog hair covered, crumbs on the floor, fingerprints on every door, little bits of cut up paper everywhere messy.  I have friends who don’t let their kids play with play dough or paint because of the mess it makes.  Sometimes I wish I had rules like that– and the spotless windows, counters, and hardwood floors to go with them.

drawing his spaceship controls

um, I'm not sure what to say about this one

pilot and navigator

mission control

these two...

But would I trade days like this– the self made masks, spaceship controls, jammies turned costume kind of days– for a house that stayed clean for hours on end?


(I can say that now that they’re all in bed and I’m alone with the mess.)

5 thoughts on “these two

  1. Aw, and they are so much the better for it. What creative, can-do kids you’re growing! How sad that would be to not be allowed to paint or play with play-doh! (Although clean counters might be cool. Who knows?)

  2. Learning comes by doing…even if those darn windows will never stay clean. You’re great at letting your kids “live.” And, being creative is WAY more fun than cleaning.

  3. Those boys look like they are having a blast! And really, how could they not be? I love a childs’ scope for imagination. I think it’s cool you allow it! 😉

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