Happy Mothers Day!

Our little mama finch has been hard at work filling her nest in our front door wreath.  I thought it fitting on this Mother’s day to show off what this little mama is working so hard to do.

happy mothers day!

10 years ago today I became a mother.  My little tiny Brenna came into this world and completely changed mine.  In so many ways I feel like I was born when she was– I found my strength and power and purpose.  And I finally began to understand my own Mom, to love and appreciate what I just didn’t have the capacity to love and appreciate before.

So, thanks mom for being my mom.  I love and admire you so much.  I think of all the little things– ordering me cool magazines so I could draw pictures of tigers all day long, not nagging me to practice the piano, but paying for lessons anyway, tolerating my messy room, but making me do my own laundry, lining up Action Packers along the kitchen wall to pack for week long camping trips and making it look so easy and fun.  In so many ways I am trying to be just like you, and it’s funny how in so many ways I am.

Thanks to all of you mothers who come here and read my blog.  Thanks for your comments and friendship and all the good you do in your own little sphere.  There is nothing more important in this world than being a mother.  I really believe that.

wreath nest

5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!

  1. had to chuckle today when I read about your finch eggs in the wreath on your front door. Word to the wise—this happened to us a few years ago. We had a wreath on our front door and the next day there was a nest nestled so snug and cute on the wreath. A few days later there were 4 eggs. We had a great time watching the eggs every day. The mother bird would have a heart attack every time anyone would come up our front walk. We decided to put a big note on our garage asking people to come to our side porch instead of using the front door. Within 30 days, the nest appeared, eggs were hatched and the birds flew away. It was fascinating to watch. What wasn’t fascinating was the mess left on the door. As the babies grew and pooped and grew and pooped some more, they began to outgrow the nest5 and poop around the edge of the nest creating about a ½” ring around the top of the nest which spilled over the edge onto the door. When they finally flew away, we took down the nest, cleaned up the wreath and tried to clean the door. We tried everything possible to get the poop stains off the door. We never could.

    I don’t know if there’s a way to put a barrier between your nest and the door or not, but you are so creative you can probably come up with something to protect your door. Otherwise, get ready for stains on the front door forever more.

    I look forward to reading updates on your nest.

  2. I didn’t think of all the poop…
    Some creative barrier making must be in order.
    We do have left over blue paint from when the house was painted last summer too…

  3. Thank you honey. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love you and how proud I am of all you do and the choices you have made to create the family you and Barry work so hard to love and nuture. I love you all so much and I’m SO THANKFUL you are mine FOREVER. I just wish we lived closer so I could DO more with you all. But I am thankful for your blog!!
    Love you!!! xoxoxo mom

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