Blockswap wrap up


The auction was a HUGE success!!! Our beautiful quilt was purchased by Wendy Marquardt. She is a big fan of Denyse’s work and also a passionate supporter of Heifer International. There couldn’t have been a better match! Wendy is so generous and sweet. I hope you are enjoying your quilt, Wendy.

$1735 is a lot of money. My kids wanted to be involved in picking what animals the proceeds from our auction purchased, so before we sent the quilt off we purused the online catalog and did some math. Brenna made a list to send to Wendy, and both Brenna and Jonah drew pictures of the animals someone, somewhere in the world will get to enjoy because of all of our efforts.


A Milk Menagerie includes a heifer, 2 goats, and a water buffallo.
A Knitting Basket is 4 wool bearing animals, llamas or sheep.
A Flock of Hope (Jonahs personal favorite) is a flock each of chicks, goslings, and ducklings.
Honey Bees consist of a hive of bees and training to take care of them.
Then we added an extra llama because, well, we like llamas :)


(isn’t Jonah’s duck awesome?!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who bid on the quilt. I was optimistically hoping for $400-$600 dollars for this big quilt. Well, we got more than 4 times that!!! Amazing.

The universe truly smiles on all of our good efforts. It is so rewarding to see a little idea become something bigger and better than I could have hoped. Thank you to all who participated.

quilt’s ready


I’ve tried every suggestion I got about how to get the square that bled cleaned up, to no avail. Can you see it there near the middle? It is really not obvious at all on a bed.

And I’m happy with this image of the whole thing.

Now to do some publicity e-mailing. The auction will start sometime next week!! Every penny that proceeds from the auction will go toward helping families become self sufficient through Heifer International. I just love the idea of providing people that have hardly anything the gift and companionship of a milk or wool bearing animal, and the empowerment to sell goods they can produce with their animal, send their kids to school, and give back to others.