clothes are overrated

I have been planning the Easter clothes I was going to make for a MONTH.  I got an Ottobre Design magazine, bought fabric to make my 4 boys jackets and pants and couldn’t find the right tencel linen blend for Brenna’s dress, so I was going to block print the fabric and sew a dress for her and a skirt for me.

Can you see where this is going?  I got my fabric design drawn and even carved, but not printed.  When I went to cut fabric for the boys suits I decided the fabric I bought wasn’t heavy enough, so I needed to buy more.  I never could get to the store.  I never could find a good enough stretch of time to print.  So, I ordered Easter clothes from Land’s End instead.  My husband took Thursday and Friday off this week, so I thought that I really could sew after all, but he took the big kids skiing on Thursday, Ian has been puking and pooping frothy diarrhea for 5 days, and Barry was gone with Scouts for 8 hours Saturday.

And the ordered clothes should get here today.

It was a good Easter anyway. I let go of the list of things to do for the holiday and just relaxed, listened to several Easter editions of Music and the Spoken Word, only went to one hour of church since I had a sick toddler, took a nap, talked to family on Skype, and spent the evening reading scriptures and singing with my sweet family

Clothes are so totally overrated.

(Now the puking thing has spread, so I will be parked on the couch watching movies over communal barf-catching bowls.  I just don’t have the energy to even post pictures today.  And it’s my husband’s birthday.  Poor guy.  I hope he doesn’t get this lovely gift, especial after all of his super-hero carpet cleaning, diaper changing, and laundry washing this past week…)

3 thoughts on “clothes are overrated

  1. awww hugs! get better soon.. i had somethng wise to say but i lost it somewheres amongst th daily activities of today. oh well hopefuly you know im thinking of you all

  2. I found myself giggling because I myself had ambitious plans for beautiful Easter dresses for family, and then life happened! Of course my dresses only had to be cut out and sewn, not printed too! I love the design for Brenna’s dress!

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